The Next Property Frontier

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The Next Property Frontier
07 Jul 2013

Singapore 7th round of cooling measures with latest property loan curb and the Malaysia property loan curb is pushing investors to look for the next property frontier. Metro Mania looks to be an increasingly attractive option.

Metro Manila has a land size of 638.6 km² and population of 11,855,975, more than double the current Singapore population on a smaller plot of land!

Singapore 715.8 sq km 5,312,400 pax =>            Population Density of 7,422 per sq km

Metro Manila 638.6 sq km 11,855,975 pax =>       Population Density of 18,566 per sq km

Iskandar Malaysia 2,217 sq km 1,350,000 pax => Population Density of 609 per sq km


Fitch and S&P have upgraded Philippines to investment grade status in March and May 2013 respectively. Moody has hinted that Philippines’ Q1 GDP and record budget surplus are “credit positive,” a sign that an upgrade may be in the offing. Improve rating will help to lower borrowing cost and attract more foreign capital to the country.


Philippines has taken China's crown as region's fastest growing economy in Q12013 with a growth rate of 7.8%


Philippines government is investing billions in infrastructure projects and there is a planned SM Bay and Entertainment city with 4 Mega Resorts & Casinos, Theme Parks, Convention Centre, BPO offices.


The Peso versus Singapore dollar over the last 5 years is also relatively stable and fluctuate around +/- 5% range.


Metro Manila, Philippines seems to be an increasingly attractive investment location for the savvy investors looking to make their money work harder for them.


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